Making Fruition Properties’ construction sites a safe haven for wildlife

9th April 2024

Hedgehog Highways

Find out how Fruition Properties build with care to safeguard British wildlife in construction projects.

Following a campaign in 2019 by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, guidelines were drawn up to help protect and provide safe environments for endangered British wildlife while construction work was underway. With the ambitious house building targets published by the government, there was a clear risk to the safety and futures of many species including badgers, bats and hedgehogs.

Innovative solutions, including hedgehog highways, were introduced to provide safe routes between different gardens and habitats during construction. On completion, installed boundaries would incorporate small holes to allow the hedgehogs to travel freely through the green spaces. Apparently, these nocturnal creatures can travel up to a mile overnight while searching for food or places to nest so these highways are vital lifelines.

Construction on our latest project of four five-bedroom residential homes in Edgware, Middlesex is due to start in May 2024, and will allow us to implement many of these kinds of measures to mitigate any potential ecological risks during the build phase. For example, we will be installing hedgehog highways and hedgehog houses within the development to ensure opportunities for connectivity and habitation within the existing boundaries of the scheme.

There will be other opportunities to provide ecological fortification and help preserve wildlife, including the protection of nests during the breeding season, followed by the installation of birdboxes within the design of the dwellings to provide new homes for birds.

Bats are more common in London than perhaps one may think, and they can be impacted by light pollution as well as the more obvious disruption created by building work. Therefore we are implementing mitigation measures to ensure that light spill from the completed dwellings does not provide a disruptive environment and we will also provide some bat boxes within the scheme for future occupation.

Working in tandem with the nearby habitats of our developments allows Fruition Properties to deliver on our values – protecting and providing homes for all of the communities around us.