Enhancing an asset value in Holloway

12th December 2023

Development Management Services

Find out about the breadth of our Development Management services and how the team demonstrated their expertise on an under-utilised asset on the Holloway Road, N7, tripling shareholder value.

Our Development Management Services cover the entire lifecycle of a project, from site acquisition and securing funding, through to planning, construction and sales:

Securing Planning and Enhancing Asset Value:

Upon appointment as Development Manager, we set out to unlock the full potential of the site, a family owned restaurant on the Holloway Road. Once identifying the potential massing improvements, our first milestone was securing planning permission to convert the upper parts of the restaurant into five apartments, complete with the addition of a new floor. This not only revitalised the property but also saw an increase in its asset value, from £335k to an impressive £1.6m.

Simultaneously, our efforts significantly impacted the property’s rental income, which stood at £20k pa before our involvement.  However, through meticulous planning, execution, and effective management, we successfully boosted the rental income to a substantial £100k pa.

Managing the Entire Lifecycle:

At Fruition Properties, we take pride in our ability to oversee the entire lifecycle of a development project. From securing funding to collaborating on the design and managing the tender and construction process, we ensure a seamless and efficient process. Post-completion, the apartments and the revamped restaurant were  handed over to our associated property management company, ensuring continued success in the rental market.

Strategic Marketing and Sale:

The owners recently decided to sell the asset, so Fruition Properties took charge of coordinating the marketing and sale, aligning our strategies and brand strength with the owners’ strategic goals and successfully completed the deal in November this year.

As experienced developers, we understand development management better than most. Our unique position means we’re experts in maximising value at every stage of a project, whilst managing risk throughout.

Contact us today on 020 3828 01090 or via devteam@fruitionproperties.co.uk to explore how our development management services can unlock the potential of your assets.