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21st May 2024

Property Podcast Series

In this month's episode in our property podcast series "Why Don't We Build More Houses," we look at one of the most critical aspects of property development, Financing.

In this month’s episode* in our property podcast series “Why Don’t We Build More Houses,” host Parul Scampion, Chief Operating Officer at Fruition Properties, delves into one of the most critical aspects of property development – financing.

Joining her are Paul De Croos and Jonathan Nail from United Trust Bank, who bring decades of experience in property development finance. Together, they explore the intricacies of funding property projects, discussing the role of senior debt, the rising need for alternative financing options like mezzanine or junior debt, and the impact of economic changes on project viability.

Whether you are an established developer or aspiring to break into the development industry, this episode is packed with valuable insights on navigating financial hurdles and leveraging opportunities in property development.

Expect a deep dive into how projects are assessed, the implications of equity and debt in financing, and a candid discussion on the current and future landscape of property development finance. Listen now on Apple or Spotify.

And if you missed the first episode in the series, A View From The Property Developer Trenches”,  it is also available to download from Apple and Spotify. Parul talks with Fruition Properties CEO, Mani Khiroya, about what it’s like in the property developer trenches. They discuss why it has got so difficult to build more houses over recent years and explore some of the challenges the industry faces, specifically from the perspective of an SME business.

*This episode was recorded November 2023.