The Perils of Planning

18th March 2024

Planning Podcast

In this month's episode in our property podcast series, 'Why Don't We Build More Houses', we delve into the intricate world of Planning with experts Kieran Rushe and Rishin Kotecha.

In this month’s episode in our property podcast series “Why Don’t We Build More Houses,” host Parul Scampion, Chief Operating Officer at Fruition Properties, delves into the intricate world of planning with experts Kieran Rushe from Rapleys , a UK wide property and planning consultancy, and Head of Planning, Rishin Kotecha, at Fruition Properties.

As the demand for housing continues to rise in the UK, particularly in London, navigating the planning process has become increasingly arduous. With decades of combined experience, Kieran and Rishin shed light on the complexities, frustrations, and potential solutions in this critical aspect of property development.

Join us as we explore why planning has become such a formidable obstacle and uncover insights to address this pressing issue.

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Parul talks with Fruition Properties CEO, Mani Khiroya, about what it’s like in the property developer trenches. They discuss why it has got so difficult to build more houses and explore some of the challenges the industry faces, specifically from the perspective of an SME.