Why don’t we build more houses?

5th June 2023

property developer

Everyone knows we need to build more homes but why is it so difficult and has it got worse? Find out in our brand new podcast series about what it's like on the ground as an SME property developer.

Have you ever wondered why so many SME developers have left the property development industry in the past 30 years? Is it due to the lack of available land, planning delays, the high cost of finance, or shortage of materials and skilled labour? Or, could it be the government’s fault?

For decades now the UK hasn’t built enough homes to meet demand – even in the good years, we only delivered about 70% of the target.  Find out in our brand new podcast series hosted by Fruition Properties COO, Parul Scampion where she will be examining what’s it like on the ground as an SME property developer, discussing some solutions with guests from across the industry and giving her perspective on the housing shortage in the UK.

Our first episode will be out soon. Be sure to subscribe so that you can get it in your podcast feed as soon as it’s released. Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.