Fruition Properties has rebranded

21st January 2016

Fruition Properties Brand

We have strategically redefined our visual identity and updated the Fruition Properties brand following the continued company expansion.

With an ever-growing presence across London and beyond, we have redefined our visual identity and brand values to represent what we believe is most important to us – the spaces we design, the people who help to create them, and those who will live in them.

Mark Kolcular, marketing manager, comments, “Fruition Properties has historically flown under the radar and had a more pragmatic approach to marketing, but as the company is expanding at such a rapid rate with nine sites launching this year, in addition to a number of new schemes in the pipeline for 2017/18, now is the time to hit the market with a strong, unified brand that reflects our ethos of creating design-led homes, often with the personal touch that can’t be offered by larger developers.”

With today’s marketplace more crowded than ever, particularly among SMEs that are now well-funded following the recession, we believe a bold presence that remains at the forefront of our stakeholders’ minds is more crucial than ever.

Kolcular continues, “This goes beyond just end users; we need to appeal to investors, consultants, agents, and land prospects – the full circle.”

With a diverse portfolio that ranges from mid-level apartments to £2m+ luxury apartments and townhouses, the challenge was to create an overarching identity that can act as our corporate model, along with being adaptable for each site’s sub-brand while still reinforcing our values.

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