Airspace Development Made Simple

22nd November 2021

Airspace development made simple

Making Airspace Development Simple.

Airspace Development can be simple when you know how. An innovative solution for London’s housing shortage and with significant benefits for leaseholders, Fruition Properties are passionate about rooftop development.

The combination of heritage housing stock and a chronic shortage of new land means many Londoners live in apartment blocks in need of extensive repair and refurbishment.  The cost to freeholders and leaseholders of maintaining, let alone improving, such properties can be overwhelming and ever increasing.

If you are the freeholder of such a block of flats, or one of the leaseholders and facing a large service charge bill for upgrades or maintenance, airspace development with Fruition Properties could be an innovative way to help meet these costs.

Airspace development is the creation of new properties in the ‘airspace’ on top of existing buildings by usually the addition of one or two storeys. We are able to offer freeholders and leaseholders a mutually beneficial solution by undertaking maintenance, refurbishment and upgrade work for free by developing rooftop apartments in the airspace above an existing building, a win-win for all sides.

To find out more about how we are helping leaseholders and freeholders across London unlock the value and space above, please watch our short video or click here for more information.