ARAD Fire Safety Roundtable

6th August 2021

Fire Safety Airspace Development

Planning and fire safety, the first Association of Rooftop and Airspace Development virtual roundtable.

Fruition Properties were delighted to be part of the Association of Rooftop and Airspace Development’s first virtual roundtable earlier this month looking at planning, fire safety and the implications for the airspace sector.

The discussion was moderated by our Development Director, Neil Fanning with special guests including planning expert David Morris (Board Director, DP9), Building Control specialist Geoff Wilkinson (Managing Director, The Building Inspectors/Wilkinson Construction Consultants) and Fire Consultant Archie Chandler, (Chairman – FCS-live).

The full video and findings are available exclusively to ARAD members but an excerpt can be viewed below. To find out more about ARAD including membership please visit

About ARAD

The Association of Airspace and Rooftop Development (ARAD) is a collaboration between four of the UK’s leading airspace developers, (Apex Airspace, Click Above, Fruition Properties and Upspace,) who have come together to promote this new and innovative asset class.

ARAD aims to bring together a wide range of organisations wanting to be part of the airspace development industry – to learn from each other and champion airspace so that rooftop development can flourish while maintaining high standards for the betterment of all stakeholders.