Our planning experience is diverse, encompassing 15 years of applications across a number of London boroughs, with the delivery of over 400 individual units, through the planning process.

Our dedicated land and planning team undertakes a rigorous process of site assessment, scheme development, pre-application, scheme refinement and then a full application for each of our sites. The initial steps often give us confidence to purchase sites without planning, in the knowledge that given the local planning context and our expertise, we will be able to achieve a positive and successful planning outcome.

We recognise the complexity involved in the planning of any site, but nevertheless by applying the right level of project management balancing multiple and sometimes conflicting requirements, we achieve the correct planning outcomes whilst maintaining an exceptional end product. We have expertise across London and are happy to work on any site where we feel we can add value through planning enhancement and that we will help the local area to benefit.


We stay heavily involved in the planning process throughout, working closely and collaboratively with our team. We challenge our consultants to push boundaries and achieve the best possible conclusion for each stakeholder, from maximising the return potential of a site to providing a vibrant home for the end occupier. This process and strategy vary greatly depending on the local authority.

Our team communicates with local residents and the community to understand their priorities. This enables us to address significant concerns and offer an alignment that benefits all parties involved, from the planning authority and the local community to future residents or investors. Through this, we aim to create innovative, inviting and saleable properties that put people first.

"Their way of working is both meticulous and holistic, with the ability to smartly tackle complex planning deals and keep the local community in mind."
David Morris, Director - DP9