Our Approach

We adopt a personable and flexible approach to all sites and freeholders. Projects are structured to maximise returns for existing owners and tailored to ensure minimal disruption.

Assessing Development Potential

As soon as an enquiry is received, our approach to airspace development is to instruct a core team of architect, planning consultant and structural engineer to produce professional feasibility assessments of the opportunity to determine its viability and to enable us to produce realistic offers.

Site Visits

To gain a full understanding of the site and the needs of the freeholder, residents and neighbours, we always undertake a free site visit with our professional team as part of our initial assessment.


We work hard to tailor agreements and find innovative bespoke solutions to suit the specific needs of freeholders and leaseholders. Agreements can be structured in several ways including joint venture, unconditional or subject to planning purchases.


Our approach is to always work closely with the freeholder and the building occupants to find the best construction method which has the least impact on all. Modern methods of construction (MMC) allow us to take this even further. By using offsite building methods we can deliver projects quicker, at lower cost and with greater quality control and to top it off, it is a much more sustainable solution.

"I was pleasantly surprised to find that business wasn’t really affected at all – the process was seamless and I only had to close for a short period, exactly as the team at Fruition Properties promised"
Louis Loizou

Our approach to Airspace Development is to always offer a free site visit and professional property assessment to gauge potential.

Contact us today on land@fruitionproperties.co.uk or call 020 3828 0109 to speak to a member of our friendly team.