About Airspace Development

Building above existing rooftops is a sustainable way to deliver new homes in London that preserves existing properties and their occupiers.

Why Airspace Development

Rooftop or airspace development refers to the creation of new homes in the ‘air-rights’ on top of existing buildings, whether commercial or residential, by usually one or two additional storeys.

By utilising the existing rooftops, a huge number of new homes can be built with minimal disruption to existing communities and the skyline. In a city where the supply of land and homes is limited, (London faces a chronic housing crisis) airspace development is an exciting prospect.

Airspace development is also far more sustainable than the prevailing system for new-build housing.  Existing buildings are preserved and often enhanced in order to improve saleability.  Older buildings such as our development The View in Putney are given a new lease of life, rather than falling into disrepair or being demolished unnecessarily.

The development of technology, specifically with regards to materials and construction techniques, also means that airspace developments can now be produced with greater ease and cost efficiency.

Benefits to existing owners

  • Cost savings on service charges & building maintenance
  • Upgrades to existing building
  • Additional income for freeholders
  • Increase in value of leaseholds
  • Minimal disruption through innovative construction techniques

Benefits to the wider community

  • Significant increase in new homes
  • Preservation of existing buildings, occupants & communities
  • Increased housing density with minimal visual impact
  • Less demolition & waste

Contact us

We offer a free property or portfolio assessment to gauge rooftop development potential, please get in touch or call us today on 020 3828 0109.

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