Promotion & Land Alliances

Our role is to promote and develop land opportunities whilst navigating through the complexities of the local authority planning system.

Fruition’s strategic land and promotion team work with local planning authorities in helping landowners who are seeking to unlock the development potential of their land. This is beneficial as we can help to mitigate against the various risks and uncertainties which can arise along the way. Indeed, the process seems to be increasingly complex and costly, therefore using the right partner to help promote their land can be indispensable for a landowner.

The Fruition team has been acquiring, promoting, developing and trading in strategic land since 1990s and are currently using land Promotion Agreements and Strategic Land Alliances to deliver land opportunities across London and the South East. The opportunities range from high density brownfield redevelopment sites delivering in excess of 300 homes within RBKC to greenfield sites in Oxfordshire.

How it works





The process begins with our land department who will discuss your land with you. If you are interested in partnering with us, we will assess its suitability.

If your land has planning potential, we will make an offer to enter into a Promotion Agreement with you, setting out how we will partner with you to obtain planning permission and sell your land.

It is important to note that the costs associated with achieving planning permission are paid by us; our landowners pay nothing until we gain permission, at which point, under a Promotion Agreement, we will typically take a share of profits ranging between 20-25% depending on your sites circumstances. As an alternative, we also enter Strategic Land Alliances were we purchase the land unconditionally at at its present Market Value and split the sales proceeds with the landowner following the receipt of planning. It is in our interests to optimise the value of your land in the most efficient and effective manner as we, like you, only get paid at the end of the sales process.

We provide a service to you without ever owning your land. Therefore you can continue to use your land throughout the process so long as it does not impact the planning application.

Planning Application

Once you have decided to partner with us, your site will be appointed a Project Team through the entire planning process.

Once a site is taken on, we typically submit a planning application within 4-6 months of signing the Promotion Agreement, although this time frame may vary to ensure we give the site the best chance of success.

Before we submit a planning application on your land, we will produce a range of technical reports with the help of our experienced consultants to support the application. Each set of reports we commission are bespoke, however it will include the following:

  • Travel Assessment and Travel Plan
  • Design and Access Statement
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
  • Ecology Reports
  • Flood Risk Assessment

Finally, we will produce a Statement of Community Involvement detailing the careful public engagement work we will have carried out prior to submitting the application, addressing any concerns raised by the local community.

Prior to the planning application being submitted, each of our landowners are provided with a copy of the final documents for approval.

Throughout the planning application stage, we will also be involved by making representations to Local Plans and attending Local Plan examinations to ensure our planning position is protected in relation to any emerging planning policy.

Appeal Process

Whilst we try to achieve planning permission locally, sometimes for a variety of reasons this is not possible and the site is refused permission at planning committee. This is nothing to worry about; on average around two thirds of our sites go through the appeal process.

Our project teams are highly experienced at running appeals and our Planning Managers and Senior Planners are highly skilled at providing planning evidence at appeals.

The appeal will usually take the form of an inquiry or an informal hearing, which takes place at a venue near the site. Our project team, together with a selection of expert witnesses and a barrister (if required), will produce robust and detailed evidence and attend the appeal to give evidence to an independent Planning Inspector.

Permission and Sale

Once we’ve achieved planning permission on your land, we will agree a marketing strategy with you, including when and who we will ask to tender for your land.

A detailed tender pack will be produced setting out the marketing particulars for the site and bids will be invited from interested parties, typically medium to large house builders. At the same time any further investigations that may be required will be carried out to make sure that we get the best possible offers for your land.

After the initial bid stage, a shortlist of 2-3 companies will be made and ‘best and final’ bids will be invited. From this, a final preferred bidder will be selected to purchase the site.

We have excellent relationships with the country’s best house builders, so we can make sure that the sale process is as smooth and quick as possible.