Street Art on the Clapham-Battersea borders

10th August 2017

Devas Club Battersea

Providing our support for a workshop with the Devas Club and some of the area’s young people.

We have recently undertaken a collaborative project with Global Street Art and young people from the Devas Club on the Clapham-Battersea borders learning about street art as part of a creative workshop.

The Devas club is one of London’s longest running youth charities, established in 1884 and founded by Jocelyn Devas, a graduate of University College Oxford.

An initial creative workshop was organised to help young people aged 8-12 years old from the Devas Club to learn about what goes into creating a piece of compelling street art. This was followed by a full day of guided activity, which tasked the group of youth club attendees to identify a key word which represented their thoughts on both the Devas Club and the area, to inspire the street art, with ‘Diversity’ being chosen. The group were then offered the chance to test out the techniques they had learnt to collectively create a large street art representation for ‘Diversity’ along one side of the hoarding at our development of nine townhouses on Stormont Road in SW11.

Devas Club Battersea
Devas Club Battersea

Within the main piece, additional artwork was also displayed inside each of the letters to reflect the diversity in the area, culturally and socially, with reference to a number of iconic local amenities. These included Battersea Power Station, Clapham Common and its Bandstand, Battersea Arts Centre, as well as various activities the young people partake in such as football, music, film and performing arts.

Mani Khiroya, Managing Director, comments: “As a company we feel very strongly about helping to support the communities in the areas that are working in, whether this is through sponsorship or educational partnerships. The Devas Club is a masthead for the local area and delivers some exceptional work, so we are delighted to be working with them to help teach their members about art and creativity, which are proven to be hugely beneficial in terms of wider education and personal development.”

John Clarke, Chair of Trustees at the Devas Club, says: “We are always looking for ways to nurture and encourage our talented group of children to learn new skills and explore the world they live in. This initiative offered the perfect opportunity for the children to undertake a new challenge and to create something they could be proud of, with the help of an expert team. We are extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity.”

Auberi Chen, Head of Operations at Global Street Art adds: “It was a pleasure for Global Street Art to work with Fruition Properties and Devas Club – we loved painting with the kids. Our mission is to live in painted cities and part of that is to inspire a new generation of artists. It is great to see developers building links with the local community through art. We very much look forward to working together in the future.”

We will continue to work with The Devas Club on a number of activities, including a careers day to explore opportunities in property development and construction.

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