Corporate Responsibility

Our continued commitment to charitable organisations ensures support for a number of global projects, through both financial aid and our team's direct involvement in charitable activities.

The Lily Foundation

The Lily Foundation supports grassroots NGOs, who work to prevent the trafficking of women and children in India and the UK through prevention, rescue and rehabilitation.


Sense International

A global charity supporting deaf and blind individuals in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Peru, Romania and Uganda. Sense International is one of the world’s leading organisations working for deaf and blind people, as well as their families.


The Chinmaya Organisation

It facilitates the integrated and sustainable development of the poor in rural India. It aims to harness human resources and enables the poor to transform their lives through programmes driven by themselves. In light of the atrocities at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Fruition Properties provided aid to the M. P. Shah Hospital, which worked extremely hard for the victims of the incident.


Bhagvatinandji Education & Health Trust 

Bhagvatinandji Education & Health Trust (BEHT) is a local charity operating within a specific area of Western India. They provide the advancement of education and relief to the poor, handicapped and disabled, as well as assistance to victims of natural disasters. Fruition Properties’ contributions have enabled the charity to build a number of houses in and around the Dunaga village, north of Kathmandu, for those less fortunate.