We recognise the importance of delivering energy-efficient buildings in order to drive exemplar performance, facilitate effective operation and deliver peace of mind to all Fruition Properties' homeowners.

In a socio-economic landscape that is in constant flux, as well as continuing environmental issues regarding climate change, we realise the importance of making our homes more energy efficient and less expensive to run. We believe that by anticipating future economic change and designing in efficiency, we make it easier for the homeowner to reduce running costs and minimise their future environmental impact.

"We consistently aim to be an innovative and environmentally conscious development company."

Our Energy strategy is often bespoke and specific to each development, including features such as electric charging points in communal car parks, photovoltaics at roof level on individual housing and apartment blocks, air-source heat-pumps that manage the cooling and heating of properties and the use of innovative insulation methods to optimise heat retention.

Ultimately, we aim to design highly efficient properties, that not only help our clients live cleaner and greener, but also provide a highly sustainable way of living both economically and environmentally, while contributing a positive implication towards climate change.